EssentialPIM 2.7

Essential PIM is the best Personal Information Manager for the office or home
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Essential PIM is the best software that exists in the range of programs for managing personal information-PIM-.
Using this program you can manage the activities of your office or your home. The application of this software is limited only by imagination and skill of the user. Its ease of use does not imply expertise in programming or management software. The organization of information is so logical that allows very easily find what they are looking for. With this software the management of the activities is very easy.

Among its main features are:

It is allowed to assign color to every appointment to differentiate them from each other.
It allows to include alarms for the activities or tasks and for the appointments.
The tasks have very useful information for its management
The notes are handled in a similar manner to a word processor
Lets put alarms on tasks and appointments.
Let to organize a day planner.

You can insert stage, photos, date, time, hiprlinks and enriched text into notes.

You can use Essential Pim to structure your information of varied ways.

With this program you don't require anything additional to stay up to date with the most of tasks and activities of the home or office. Nevertheless, if you need to use more options it is better to obtain the Pro Essential PIM version.

Dagoberto Ortiz
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  • Easy to use
  • The contacts also can be organized in groups and sub-groups.
  • Essential Pim is translated to multitude of languages.
  • It is allowed to annex to the well-known stage, images and text.
  • Excellent contact manager


  • It works only in Windows Operative Systems.
  • Allows to organize the work in hierarchical form (tasks and subtasks)
  • Lets you organize the notes in hierarchical form (notes and sub-notes)
  • It does not allow to assign resources to the tasks
  • It does not allow to attach files to the tasks
  • It does not allow to shedule repetitive tasks.
  • It does not allow to attach files to the notes
  • It does not allow to attach files to the contacts
  • It does not allow to attach files to the calendar (Schedule)
  • It does not allow the synchronization of the information with Outlook, Windows Mobile or Google Calendar
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